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Oct 4, 2021

Do you get annoyed when a show that you previously watched with audio description switches platforms and then does not have audio description? On this second and final installment of our interview with Dr. Maria Diaz of the Dicapta Foundation, we talk about Dicapta’s dream project which is to create a clearinghouse and one-stop resource for audio description files to be housed so content creators can access the AD files.  Dicapta’s dream project is Access4All, a clearinghouse of accessibility assets that they initiated with funds from OSEP. They were really tired that their AD production couldn’t be available for those that rely on it to have access to video, so they decided to start building a clear, real, and strong bridge to offer AD for All while inviting the content providers to share/exchange their accessibility assets. The problem Dicapta wants to solve is illustrated in the following link: The big news here is the clearinghouse. It gives the option to exchange accessibility assets and has the potential to increase the availability of those assets no matter where the user is watching the media. The catalog for now is made up of around 300 titles – most of them educational. Now that Maria talks about expanding this model to include entertainment and streaming services as well.  Follow this link for the general presentation of Access4All: You can download the Access4All app on either Android or iOS devices. Once you do so you can sync the audio description with any of the titles listed below. The movie “FeelingThrough”:; Learn to Count with Max the Glow Train:; Ask an Astronomer How You Discover an Asteroid:; Documentary Film Detroit; ( Spanish) El requesón:

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